East African Nilotica Shea Butter

Wise Owl Organics is a woman owned small business that distributes premium organic shea butter skincare products.   Our premium East African Shea Butter (Nilotica) arrives through a partnership with a fair trade mill in Northern Uganda and is USDA certified organic.  Differing in texture from Western African Shea Butter, our shea butter is the consistency of  a creamy all natural body butter, has mild nutty aroma and is nutrient-rich in vitamins A, E and F.


It’s the promise of youthful skin that drew us to organic shea butter.


Shea butter has been known to African healers for centuries and has been produced and procured by ancient African royalties for its amazing healing properties. While western countries have taken to Shea butter as a source of long-lasting beauty, local African women use it to cook their meals, provide nourishment to their families in times of drought, care for their skin and even heal abrasions and rashes.


Pure and unrefined, all in one skincare product:
hand cream, body butter, moisturizing hair mask and facial moisturizer.


Wise Owl Organics premium East African Shea butter is unrefined, cold-pressed, contains no additives, is fair trade and cruelty-free.  To learn more about our fair trade practices and how sales of Wise Owl Organics East African Shea Butter help the local women and communities in Uganda please visit our blog.