10 Ways to Improve Your Mood and Get Clearer Skin

Most of us already know that the body is so wonderfully connected. On the one hand, everything glows when your body is well and your health is at its best. On the other hand, that connection can get you down when you’re just not feeling up to snuff, and we can almost always see it on the skin first. We’ve put together ten fantastic tips that will not only improve your mood but will also help you get clearer skin (which, is a mood booster in itself by the way).

1. Get Up and Get Moving. NOW!

Seriously, whether you’re into yoga, dance, light stretching, heavy weight lifting, or a high-paced outdoor workout, get your body moving. Exercise has been shown to be a natural anxiety and stress reliever. Reducing the amount of stress in your body not only lifts your spirits and boosts your energy levels mentally. It allows the body to begin the process of regenerating after experiencing high stress and gives you an overall break.

2. Ditch the Caffeinated Drinks and Lower Your Sugar Intake

To be fair, there’s not that much of a problem with one cup of coffee a day, if you can stick to that. More than one is really where the problem lies. Each cup of coffee racks up your daily sugar intake as well, quickly working at depleting any and all energy you may have had. Some of you may already know that sugar is great for an immediate boost but it’s quickly processed in the blood stream and that energy spike drops lower than it was BEFORE you had the sugar.

In other words, coffee is taking you on the ride of your life and it’s not good. As a side note, sugar wreaks havoc on the skin, so the more you take in, potentially the worse your skin will look. Ditch the sugar and you’ll be rewarded with healthier skin and a much clearer frame of mind.

3. Take a Break from Dairy

Most of us grew up learning that dairy is absolutely essential to the diet as it gives us calcium. The problem is that dairy might not be all that good for the skin and believe it or not, affects moods. If you’ve ever had a serious bought of unexplained acne, you’ll want to try this simple tip.

We’re not saying cut dairy out altogether. We’re simply saying eat a few less toasted cheeses and weigh the pros and cons. There are reports of people who have tried this before and have had amazing successes, sporting much clearer skin and a better overall metabolism. Obviously, if this works for you, then you will have to find ways to supplement the calcium you’re cutting down. Seafood, leafy greens, legumes and some fruits are calcium sources too.

4. Improve Your Mood and Get Clearer Skin by Singing

We’re not all Bey, that’s for sure but we can all appreciate 15 minutes of “Sorry…Not Sorry” in the shower just as well the next person. The thing is, while we’re singing, we’re breathing pretty well. Singing allows for extra oxygen to enter the lungs and your body thrives on good old clean air. Both your mood and your skin will almost instantly feel better after a bout of singing. Our tip is to choose a song that really makes you feel happy to give your mood an extra push on over to the happy side.

5. Take a Cold Shower

No doubt this won’t be on everybody’s top priority list but it’s worth a try if you can brave it. There are few things as amazing as standing under a piping hot shower, that’s for sure but believe it or not your body actually doesn’t benefit all that much from a prolonged hot shower. For one, your skin loses many of its vital oils. Taking a quick cold shower, or submerging yourself in a cold bath can lower stress levels (or, at least raise your body’s ability to cope with stress).

Athletes have been known to use cold showers to reduce inflammation and pain associated with a hard workout. If you’ve been feeling general pain (sometimes related to high levels of stress) then a cold bath may be just the thing for you. Surprisingly, your skin will also thank you for the rejuvenating (if not a little shocking) wash. If you’re really not up to submerging yourself, simply keep an icepack handy in your fridge and place it on your forehead when the going gets really tough.

6. Read a Book in the Sun

We’re the first to acknowledge the contradiction in this statement. We’re always telling our readers to put on their sunhats and smear on the sunblock. We do still need a bit of sunlight in our lives, though, as it’s essential for the synthesis of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is critical for healthy, strong bones as it aids in the absorption of calcium.

You don’t even have to sit in direct sunlight to take advantage of this suggestion.  Take a 15 minute break and spend time in a sunny room cuddled up on the couch, or sprawled on your bed. You’ll not only feel amazing, you’ll be refreshed.  Your mind will have been given a break and you’ll have a renewed vigor for the tasks still left to do for the day.

7. Be Actively Proactive in Everything You Do

This one is more targeted to your emotional wellbeing than your skin but in the long run your skin will certainly benefit from your proactive approach. While it’s not a good thing to judge people on their appearance, you can often spot when someone has lost motivation and inspiration as it begins to reflect in other areas of their lives. The skin, hair, mood, clothing even the manner of conduct can suffer.

The problem with a lack of motivation is that it sometimes creeps up on a person. Don’t let that happen. Remain proactive in order to always be in top form and be the best that you can be. This way you’ll be able to take care of your health, wealth and wellbeing all by just remaining motivated.

8. Get Stuff Done

Eliminate unnecessary stress by getting your daily tasks done, like a boss. I was recently chatting with a friend who mentioned that she never has time for anyone, which is true. When she showed me her to do list, I kind of wished it was mine, it was practically empty. She’s an A-class procrastinator. Procrastination is something we all do at some point or another.

If you’ve got a list of things that need to be done or things that you want to do, get started on crossing things off that list. This will open a whole new world to you. You’ll have time to read that book in the sun, go for a restful jog, get into bed at 8pm and still live stress-free because your work is done. And it feels SO good crossing the tasks off that list every day. Both your mind and your body will thank you for this and it’s just one step closer to getting clear skin.

9. Grow Something

It’s quite a feeling, growing something. It makes one feel so very capable and it’s a quality mood booster. The time you spend tending to your plant, whether outdoors or indoors will provide you with some down time as well as possibly a bit of time in the sun, depending on where your plant is situated.

If you don’t have that much space and you can grow indoors. Plant something that converts oxygen better, offering your home a cleaner, purer breathing environment the natural way.

10. Keep a Journal

Most of us write a journal about our feelings so that we can get the negativity out. We’re suggesting that you keep a journal cataloging your achievements and goals. If you want to improve your mood and get clearer skin, you’ll need a “before” and “after” for a really effective transition. Sometimes we get to where we were going and by the time we get there we’ve forgotten why we worked so hard, or why we were so unhappy. Keeping a journal will serve to motivate you on the days when you’re just not feeling all that great. It can act as a wonderful memory to look back on when you reach your goals.

Most importantly, have fun. Give 100% of yourself to what you’re doing in the moment, keep your mind focused on whatever goal you’ve set aside for yourself. In the long run, these simple tips for improving your mood will definitely serve to improve your skin tone too.