7 Surprising Shea Butter Uses

Shea has quickly become a well-known product over the internet – just do a simple search using the term “Shea butter” and you’ll find hundreds of wellness blogs and big beauty companies alike that have taken to Shea. There is no denying that there are many Shea Butter uses. Possibly one of the greatest reasons for this is that it is incredibly versatile in that it can be used for a variety of applications and on a variety of skin types. 

The first time we came across this gorgeously rich and nourishing butter, it was like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Shea butter contains just the right amount of fatty acids and vitamins that your skin needs to look young, healthy and glowing.

7 Shea Butter Uses

  1. Hair care has never been easier

    We so often think of Shea as something to be applied on the skin, but did you know that you can use unrefined Shea butter for your hair too? It locks in moisture so it gives your hair that lovely defined look, giving your dry and tired strands some much-needed luster.

    Use a small amount of Shea to tame your flyaways after a blow-dry or to lock those curls in. It even works great for taming frizzy, unmanageable hair.

  2. Get beautiful strong nails with Shea butter

    Because of Shea’s amazing moisturizing properties, it doubles as a fantastic nail care product, perfect for keeping cuticles and nails in healthy condition.

    Apply generously to your hands, massaging gently over your nails to let the Shea soak in. Do this every day and you’ll soon notice the huge positive difference in your hands and nails.

  3.  Shea is an awesome make-up accessory

    This application right here is what really shows off Shea butter’s adaptability. Small amounts of Shea butter mixed into your powders can enhance the definition as well as strengthening the hold of the powder on your face.

    Mix a little bit of Shea into your powders and apply to your face as a cream. You’ll be quite amazed at how smoothly it applies to your skin and doesn’t leave your skin looking dry or pasty. This method is excellent for glitters and bronzers too.

    As an added bonus, you can use the Shea butter as mascara to make your eyes pop when you’re just not feeling traditional mascara. It will brighten your lashes and showcase your eyes in an all-natural way that is perfect for days spent outdoors or taking part in physical activities.

  4.  Shaving accessory

    Shea butter as a shaving accessory is just pure perfection as it offers a smooth shave with few after effects. Not only can you use Shea after a shave, but you can use it during a shave too. The oily nature of Shea will help the shaver to literally glide over your skin. It moisturizes and deep nourishes at the same time, leaving fewer bumps.

  5.  Shea butter is the ultimate lip balm

    This is one of my personal favorites. I’ve used many lip balms in the past that have left my lips feeling even drier and chapped after application. However, I’ve never had this problem with Shea butter as a lip balm. It not only relieves sore, red lips but it also keeps your lips moisturized between applications.

  6.  The only foot spa ingredient you’ll ever need

    Shea works miracles on sore, chapped heels. If you’re struggling with hard heels that need some intense nourishing, then apply some Shea butter and cover with a sock to keep it warm. As the Shea melts (it melts at body temperature), your skin will absorb the moisture and the vitamins can go to work healing the broken skin in around your heels.

  7.  Shea butter is a great perfume enhancer

    If you feel like your perfume is disappearing too quickly through the day, then this is for you. Dab a little Shea on the place where your perfume is sprayed on your skin and it should carry your scent through the better part of the day. Note, put a small amount of Shea on your skin first and then apply your perfume.

The real beauty of Shea is that one pot of East African unrefined Shea butter covers ALL of these applications. There is no need to buy individual products for each one, simply use your Shea butter as is and it will work wonders no matter where you apply it.


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