A Look at Your Skin Through The Ages

It’s true that your skin doesn’t stay the same through the decades, but that doesn’t mean it has to age badly. In fact, you can have beautiful skin even at the wise age of 70! And many women do when they take care of their skin through the ages. It really does depend on how you care for your skin and what you put into it. It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with how your skin works and what makes it look and feel the way it does at certain periods in your life.

Care for Your Skin Through the Ages

The Teen Years

Young skin is so versatile. However, during your teen years, your changing body may take you on the dermatological ride of your life. Many teens report having terrible skin related struggles through their teen years, only to be rewarded with flawless skin in their 20’s. It’s also true that your teen years can be spent looking great with an excellent, unblemished complexion.

Quick tips for keeping skin healthy during your teen years:

  • Avoid touching your face often, always wash your hands before applying make-up or lotions.
  • Wash your face morning and night
  • Protect your face from the sun

20’s to mid 30’s

Many 20 and 30-somethings still complain about acne. Adult acne is very different to teen acne, but on the bright side it is theoretically easier to rid than teen acne. The difference is teen acne is mostly genetic and due to hormonal changes. In your 20’s and 30’s acne is largely the cause of ill-suited skin care products, stress, and not-so-great lifestyle habits.

On the flipside, for those who don’t have problems with “circumstantial acne” as we’ll call it; may have perfect skin. Your 20’s Is a time of rejuvenation, regeneration, and renewal for your skin. It is also the time to set up excellent skin care habits and ensure that your skin does not suffer any major damage. Invest and make use of a good sunscreen product. You may not see the effects of skin damage now, but it will show up later in life.

Late 30’s to 40’s

Earlier in your 30’s, you’ll notice the start of fine lines and wrinkles. Exfoliation is now vital as your skin renews at a much slower rate than in your 20’s. But be careful and be gentle. Keep stress at a minimal to lower the risk of fatigued skin.

Your skin tends to become a little thinner as you age, and this means that it will become more sensitive also. The skincare products you used in your 20’s and early 30’s will likely not be suited to your skin anymore and it will be time to find a new range.

50’s, 60’s and 70’s

Mature skin needs to be cared for well. If you’re still wearing a lot of makeup through these years, always be sure to use a make-up remover that is suited to sensitive skin before washing your face. Give your skin as much time to breath and keep it hydrated with a good moisturizing cream.

The sun can be very harsh on thin skin, wear sunscreen whenever you go out into the sun and wear a hat for extra protection. Now is the time when you will start seeing the effects of your 20’s and 30’s skin care habits.

It is entirely possible to have a beautiful, healthy glow throughout each decade you pass through. Keep in mind that there are various factors that contribute to a healthy complexion. Environmental factors, health and hormones, as well as your habits all form part of your skin. See your skin as a map and all these elements as the contours. They literally shape your skin over time.


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