Earth Day Skin Care Tips – Turn Your Makeup Bag Into An Organic Celebration

We’ve recently spent a lot of time talking about Earth Day, what it means to us and what it means to our readers. For us, it’s a single day in the year where we know that globally people are making an effort to care for and preserve our home. We know that across the world people have pledged to do something great today and while we’ll be getting in on the action behind the scenes, we thought we’d cover Earth Day on our blog too.

Green your makeup bag with our Earth Day skin care tips

Shop with eco-friendly Totes
From canvas bags to beautiful woven baskets, the options are limitless. Swap out the default plastic bags for your very own signature bag. The great thing about using your own bags is that you can tailor them to your fashion and style. Take your bags with you everywhere you go so that you’re always ready for a shopping trip.

Use eco-friendly makeup tools
We were so excited when we found these bamboo makeup brushes. Not only do they look great but they’re practical and eco-friendly. Eco-Tools also offers some lovely brush sets.

Use organic and natural products wherever you possibly can
One of the easiest ways to green your makeup bag is to simplify your makeup routine and take it back to basics. It’s also one of our favorite earth day skin care tips. Make use of natural products like our organic East African Shea butter which is an all-in-one skin care routine on its own. Shea butter is not only an excellent moisturizer, it repairs and protects the skin at the same time. It’s also a great anti-aging product.

In simplifying your skin care routine, you lessen the products you use on your skin as well as the amount of packaging you end up throwing away. This is a solution that both your skin and your budget will thank you for.

Buy products licensed under the fair trade agreement
There are still a shocking amount of products which are manufactured, processed and traded under terrible conditions for those working on the product. Many of the practices are in direct violation of basic human rights and still make use of slave labor and child labor. Be sure that you are supporting a product and company which sufficiently supports those who are part of the production process.

Purchase products which have not been tested on animals and are cruelty-free
This is a very touchy subject among animal lovers and organizations which move against animal cruelty. Product testing on animals is not a mild process and many die in the practice.  Ensure that your product has not been tested on animals and the company is free of any such practices within their manufacturing process of ANY of their products.

Recycle your makeup packaging and product bottles
A simple way to ensure that you’re doing your bit is to use products which make use of recyclable materials in their packaging. This way you know that when you’re done you can simply pop your bottle and brush into the right bin and it will not become another addition to the dump.

Go makeup free for a day or two
One of the best ways to cut down on your makeup use is to simply go without. It’s a big step for many but you’ll soon find that allowing your skin to breathe without the use of any makeup products will do wonders for its health. You’ll feel more confident over time, allowing you to skip some of the more harmful products which aren’t good for your skin or for the earth.

Our Earth day skin care tips are not limited to this day only, of course. You can make every month an Earth month and every day an Earth day.