Helping People of Uganda with Our East African Shea Butter

Did you know that by buying East African Shea Butter by Wise Owl Organics, you are helping women in Africa?  The East African Shea butter that we use arrives through a partnership with a fair trade mill in Northern Uganda.

How our Partnership Helps People of Uganda

Our partnership helps over 2000 different families benefit in North Uganda.  This region has been ravaged by a civil unrest for well over 20 years.  Over the last few years there are been may steps toward peace and it appears to be coming to a true resolution, there is not much that families can do to earn an honest living. The mill that we partnered with has gone in and helped to provide a living for those in this war-ravaged country.  With a new  learning and understanding of the benefit of the nuts or fruits of the Karite tree,  Shea butter is able to be made.  And, those that live in the villages of East Africa are able to collect the nuts or fruit and gain a livelihood that supports their family.

A Shea tree grows naturally in the bushes of Africa, it takes over 20 years to mature. The mill in Northern Uganda trains families on how to tend the Shea trees, how to handle the fruit, and how the fruit is processed or techniques to help them when they are ready to sell the fruit.  After the fruit is ready, the mill purchases the fruit  with an exchange of cash.  The cash is primarily paid to the female members of the household which is in connection with Fair Trading practices in this region of the world.  Having these local mills has greatly increased the standard of living for the families that sell this fruit and they are able to provide for there family!

Wise Owl Organics is proud to partner with this mill and further the fair wages and good employment opportunities in this region. The Shea Butter stays 100% organic through the process.  We are happy to say that our customers can rest assured that the product they are purchasing has not come at a cost to those in Africa and is a benefit to those involved.