Unlock the Secret to True Long Lasting Beauty

Happy Body, Happy Mind

“Beauty is only skin deep.” Sir Thomas Overbury first said these words in a poem written in 1613. Over the years these words have become immortalized as the idea of long lasting beauty evolves. It’s an ongoing battle, the quest to remain forever gorgeous and never age – yet we all do. So how exactly does one hold onto beauty?  Is it something that can be bought and smeared on or is it as the poem by Sir Thomas Overbury suggests – nothing to do at all with external attractiveness.

We say it’s a bit of both.

The secret to true long lasting beauty lies in the balance of a happy body and a happy mind. It’s a perpetual cycle and if the one goes out of balance, the other will go out of balance too. Is that to say that unhappy people aren’t beautiful? Not at all. Is it to say that happy people are all externally attractive, no again. What the happy body, happy mind beauty theory of ours suggests is that beauty is more related to perception than what the eyes are seeing. This observation considered through the changing beauty trends and the idea of what made people beautiful/handsome through the ages.

It’s also what accounts for different likes and dislikes in people. While we all naturally gravitate towards a pretty face, it’s what makes the face pretty that’s different to each of us. That’s where the happy mind bit comes in. Confidence and joy are amazingly magnetic and transform someone into a beautiful masterpiece, even if their features are considered “average” by beauty standards.

So, if you’re the kind of girl or guy looking to immortalize your beauty, invest in your body as a total package. When you work out, concentrate on working out both your body and mind. Strengthen your character while you build up your endurance and tone your look. That’s the true secret to long lasting beauty. That and a bag of chips when you just feel like it, which brings me to the next point.

It’s great to keep yourself in check most of the time.

However, now and then, you just need to let go a little. Have a day off from celery sticks and carrot juice. Take some time out from your 3-hour gym routine, have a slice of cheesecake, if that’s your thing. Get out and sit in the sun for 10 minutes if you want to recharge your energy, in other words, do something awesome that will make you happy and smile.

Essentially, when your body is happy, it’s much easier to keep your emotions in check. Keeping your emotions balanced, it’s much easier to keep your body healthy. Having these two in constant renewal, the reward is a clear, joyful, contented outlook on life. Plus…you’ll feel absolutely amazing in your skin and nothing can be more attractive than that.