Why Spring Cleaning Your Home Is Great For Your Skin

Every year, when spring comes around, you’ll find people of all kinds busily spring cleaning their lives. I always equate this time of year to New Year’s and feel like it’s somewhat of a second New Year’s resolution period. This is the time when people are throwing things out, clearing the clutter and ensuring that their homes, lives, health and just about everything else is feeling much, much lighter.

It’s more than just an activity, spring cleaning has REAL value. From clearing out the clutter to getting rid of potentially harmful germ-breeding things (like old clothes, toys, furniture etc). Spring cleaning also does wonders for your physical and mental health and as we know, your health IS connected to the wellbeing of your body, skin included.

Let’s take it back to the beginning, thought….

Why Spring Cleaning Your Home Is Great For Your Skin

Reduce Clutter And Feel Amazing

Clutter is not good for the body or the brain, and can greatly reduce the ability to work productively. Less productive days almost always end in less sleep, more work and a lot more stress in the long run. Taking stock of what you need and throwing out (or giving away) the rest can transform your home into a place where you love to spend your time, completely reducing the effects that too much clutter has on your brain.

Clean And Tidy Are Not The Same Thing

Keeping a home tidy does have merit, it ensures that your home looks good, but cleaning, especially deep cleaning, ensures that your home is free from dust, mold, and other unwanted visitors, which all affect the skin in some way or another. Skin allergies, rashes, and bites can all occur from dust mites, so if you’ve been experiencing some skin problems and you just can’t pinpoint the problem, try dedicating a day or two to deep-cleaning your home. You may be surprised at the outcome.

As a side note, mold also wreaks total havoc on your health, causing respiratory problems. If your organs (remember, skin is an organ too) are not receiving the right amount of oxygen due to breathing problems, your health will deteriorate quickly. Mold can leave skin looking dull, feeling dry and looking very pale. If you’ve been struggling with shallow breathing, a husky voice and skin problems at the same time and your doctors can’t find an explanation it may be that there is mold somewhere in your home. Back mold (sounds gross, right) is extremely toxic and can spread very quickly. It only takes a little bit of stagnant moisture to encourage the spread of black mold and it’s not always associated with dirt or stale food. In fact, most cases of serious mold build up are a direct result of improper ventilation and not enough dry air.

Remember to properly protect your skin when you work with mold, wear gloves, wash your hands thoroughly and nourish your skin properly after your spring cleaning efforts.

Give Away What You Don’t Need

We tend to hold onto things. While a little bit of sentimentality can protect family heirlooms, some things just don’t need to make it all the way down the family tree. Gather a shoebox for each member of the family and allow them to pack in the essential memories that they cannot part with. Then take stock of the things that are left over and sift through those with a fine-tooth comb. Has your daughter outgrown her doll? Does your son really still use the dartboard? Obviously, some things can be repurposed like pieces of furniture, an old lamp, a picture frame, even your son’s dartboard. Breathe new life into them by giving them a fresh coat of paint and a new place in the home. Everything else you can do away with.

Giving your things away feels great, and it will help you feel like there’s less in your home to maintain. It’s always harder to keep a cluttered home tidy than one which has a place for everything.