Three Natural Remedies for Anxiety Acne

If you’re someone who stresses a lot or doesn’t deal too well with stress. You’re all too familiar with the chaos it releases on your body and emotions. Even if you’re not naturally prone to anxiety, prolonged stress is bound to lead to at least the tiniest bit of anxiety.  Like most things in life, if left unchecked, it can start to show. Often, one of the first places anxiety begins to show is on the body and more specifically on the skin. That’s right, anxiety acne is a thing and thankfully it is curable.

So, let’s get the obvious out of the way first.

It stands to reason that by curing your anxiety, you’d cure your acne and have porcelain skin for the rest of your life as well as eternal joy. Life, however, happens and it’s how we deal with it that makes the difference. So we’ve got three awesome natural remedies for anxiety acne. They will help you feel amazing, will help your skin look fantastic, and won’t stretch your budget.

Three Best Natural Remedies for Anxiety Acne

Stress Less, Accept Your Anxiety

Stress physically affects the body and the way chemicals function in the body. While a little bit of stress will likely not do much and may even be beneficial to you. Prolonged stress which leads to anxiety can weaken the immune system.

It can also wreak havoc on your emotions as your hormones are directly affected by cortisol and adrenaline – two chemicals released during stressful periods to help your body react appropriately.

It won’t always be possible to avoid situations where anxiety may develop. How you deal with them and how you process stress will make all the difference. Think of anxiety as a current and stress as the pressure of swimming against the current. Accepting that you may face adversities can help you. So-to-say, “ride the wave” until it’s over and you have reached the shore. Adjusting your stress response to anxiety-fueled situations will, in the long run, decrease your chances of getting anxiety and increase your immune system.

Give Your Body a Vitamin Boost

Sometimes you need a little extra help getting your emotions in line and that’s ok. We forget that our bodies (and therefore our emotions) are fueled by what we eat. We think of the body and emotion as being separate but nutritionists know differently.

Giving your body what it needs every day will not only give you the energy to complete daily tasks, it will give you mental stamina as well. A vital ingredient required for coping with stress and anxiety. As an added benefit, if your body is getting all the right nutrients, there’s less chance you’ll be filling it with junk food – which is often also the cause of anxiety acne (anxiety=overeating or eating unnecessary sugars and fats=greater risk of acne breakout).

Do a Round of Jumping Jacks

Jump rope, jumping jacks, running on the spot, doing a little jiggle or even just calmly stretching each limb every hour can reduce anxiety acne. Doing this every hour, on the hour, will improve your body’s lymphatic system. This is especially important for office workers or people who tend to sit for the majority of the day. The lymphatic system clears the body of toxins, helping it to detox continually and regenerate. Sometimes the lymphatic system becomes congested and can potentially be harmful to the body. As the lymph system becomes blocked, your skin takes on the role of releasing the toxins and can lead to a bout of acne.

Anxiety tends to tighten the body both emotionally and physically. Exercise, even in the smallest way, opens your limbs up a little bit at a time and assists with the flow of energy and lymphatic fluid through the body without any blockages. Take 5 minutes every hour to wiggle and have a giggle to eliminate stress.

BONUS: Shea Butter Relieves Anxiety Acne Too

Here’s a little bit of shameless self-promotion. The fact of the matter is that you’re going to need a quick fix if the above is not working for you. While Shea butter may not remove acne altogether, a pure Shea butter can improve the quality of your skin significantly. Thus leaving you with fewer skin issues to deal with and lowering your anxiety over your unclear skin.

It’s not an instant fix, per se, but you should see massively improved results within 3-5 days. Many Shea butter users report that their skin is clearer, smoother and feels better than ever (and yes, that goes for facial skin too!). It’s important to note that while many people do experience excellent results, not everyone will have the same outcome. What we can say with conviction is that Shea butter in its natural form is a long-celebrated beauty treatment, and worth a try.