What Our Customers Are Saying…

This shea butter is amazing. It has really worked wonders on my skin. It is a great moisturizer however it also aids in a number of other things. It helps my nails, those very dry areas and it even helps with razor burn! I exercise and get very bad callus’ on my hands and it really helps with those as well..

I would recommend this product to any and everyone!

-Mariah Martel

I received this shea butter in the mail and have been using it on both my face and body. It is really high quality and very creamy but not greasy. My skin sucks it up and feels soft. It has not caused me any irritation or break-outs. I also was out in the sun for a few days and had a mild burn. I’ve been using the product and my skin feels soothed from this.

Wise Owl Organics Shea Butter is something I would highly recommend. The product is just good quality.

-Erica D’Arcangelo

I absolutely love that this product is natural, organic and mild on the skin. It’s extremely moisture-rich and resolved my dry skin fast. Perfect for dry hands or cracked feet—a must-have in the dry winter months!

-Corina Froese

For many reasons, this is the best all-purpose skin care product I have found.  Since I use it for everything it is also very cost effective.

As I am in my late fifties I have spent lots of money on many, many anti-aging products.  This is the only one I need now.  It is so pure that I use it on my face and around my eyes as a night cream without fear of clogged pores.  It has also eliminated my chapped lips and dead skin on my feet and elbows. My hands are markedly softer and smoother.  In addition, cuts, scrapes and bites heal more quickly with a touch of this shea butter.  I love this product so much that I have given it as gifts and my friends love it too!  I highly recommend it!

5 Stars!!


Wise Owl Organics shea butter is a wonderful product. It really helps relieve dry skin. It absorbs very well, and is great for tough dry skin areas like callouses. My husband really likes it too – he does lots of yard work and his hands tend to get rough. This shea butter solves that problem! I definitely recommend it!

-Philly Girl

Thanks so much for your kind and most informative email.  I believed  I ordered your shea butter on January 1st, a holiday, and it quickly arrived on my doorsteps on January 3rd–thank you.  I found your shea butter to be delightful.  I’m using it on my face and lips only, and just love the creamy texture of this organic shea butter. And the scent is very mild and pleasant.  I give this product five stars and another five stars for your service.  It’s very nice when a company takes the time to follow up an order with an email.  It is a pleasure doing business with you.

Nancy O.

I’ve tried a lot of products to try to soften the rough “alligator” skin that appeared after I reached 40. Literally hundreds of dollars spent on products which only resulted in temporary relief. I’ve been using this Shea butter for a few weeks now but just on my elbows, knees and feet – and I now have soft elbows, knees and feet and haven’t used it for a few days. The results last and I’m going to start using it on all my skin. The price is very reasonable for actually having smooth skin again. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

Ronda H.


Lady Consistency

Very rich and creamy. Leaves hands, feet, knees and actually whole body feeling very soft. I’ve even put it on my face.

Little Debbie

LOVE the product, love the company


When I received my jar of Wise Owl shea butter through Amazon Prime I couldn’t wait to use it. Now that I have used Wise Owl shea butter for a couple days I can officially say that I will NEVER use another brand of shea butter! Wise Owl is a very high quality shea butter that has an exceptionally smooth texture. I like the fact that it’s organic but what I really love the most is how amazing my skin feels after using Wise Owl shea butter. If you are looking for a high quality shea butter at an affordable price then look no further because this is simply the best shea butter I have ever used!

Avid Reader

The shea butter has been working for me very well. It softens my skin and i use it regularly. I got it from my cousin and i’ll buy it myself from here too. I will also use other products of this company.


This is a really exceptional product. Somewhat grainy feel to it but transforms into a very luxurious spread. It’s pricey for the size, so I apply it some days to reward myself for a job well done that day, and use a more cost effective “whipped butter” spread on other days.


Wow! I’ve been using 100% Shea Butter for awhile now but this one is excellent. I usually check items I order carefully and I thought that it was more of a creme (for some reason), Shea Butter irritates my eyes and so I don’t apply it to my face and I wash my hands after applying and I was hoping that a creme base would not do this.

I was disappointed that this wasn’t a creme… BUT! This brand is melts easier and absorbs easier. I have no idea what they’ve done to make it this way but I LOVE it so much more than what I’ve been using.

Will order again – very happy 🙂

W. Froshay

WooHoo, this is a moisturizer! I love the way this leaves my skin feeling. Is expensive, but my skin is worth it. Have been rubbing on my legs after showering at night. Goes on really greasy, and doesn’t absorb quickly, so plan to wear pajamas if you’re going to sit on furniture. But when you wake up next morning, your skin will feel so soft and silky. I sleep better too because my legs don’t ache after applying. Am getting ready to order second jar. Doesn’t smell great, but not bad. After applying, there is no odor at all. Am very glad I tried this.


For my very dry skin, this is the best of the best! A small amount goes a long way and my skin is softer. Also, it FEELS sooooo good. I would highly recommend this product.


I LOVE THIS!! My skin feels fabulous. I use it on my body during the day and on my face at night. I was a bit shocked at the size of the jar when it arrived, as I didn’t pay attention to the ounces when I ordered it. But the good news is that just a tiny amount goes a LONG way. I would highly recommend it!

April P.

I’ve discovered pure shea butter is the absolute best thing for my ridiculously dry skin. I’m talking seriously dry skin that cracks and bleeds and is not only painful but disgusting. I’d heard there was a difference between western shea butter and eastern shea butter, so I’d thought I try this eastern shea butter to see if it worked any better. It has a smell that is earthy, a little off-putting, but not horrid. I didn’t notice any odor with the western stuff. However this eastern butter is creamier, smooths easier and well just feels better. The western butter that I bought was grey and kind of grainy. You had to heat it with a hair dryer for a few minutes to get it to spread well. It came in a plastic jar and well, I sorta worried about chemicals not necessarily good for you, being released with the heated plastic. I like that this comes in a glass jar. If you are very sensitive to earthy smells you might not care for this one, but for me anyways the smell is worth the ease of use and creamier product. I will buy this one again even though it’s a little more expensive. Overall I think this is the best one.


Unbelievably goodness! It makes my skin so soft and although I did not get good results with using it on my natural hair, it does an excellent job on my skin. It is quite expensive so I am using it sparingly.

Sonja Payne

Very nice product, left skin extremely soft. Will buy it again. Like that it is organic certified.

Jean Young

Best Shea butter I’ve used yet! Goes on smooth once it’s warmed up in hands. I use it on my face during the dry weather and it goes on a little greasy but then quickly soaks up and is no longer greasy.

I will definitely be ordering this one again.

Kirsten Balatgek